Prescription Refills

Prescription Refill Requests

Your prescription needs can be taken care of as part of your regular office visit, at no extra charge. Our providers make every effort to provide long-term prescriptions and automatic refills at that time, to avoid your having to contact us separately to request a refill.

Please be aware that refills take valuable staff and physician time to address. All patients who request prescription refills at any time other than an office visit are charged a service fee that varies based on the number of medications. This includes prescriptions that need to be called in, faxed, or mailed to a pharmacy, and prescriptions that must be rewritten.

How to Request Prescription Refills

If you require a prescription refill outside of an office visit, try to plan at least 2 weeks in advance in case of any delays. Please call the office and speak to our front desk or visit Patient Portal. If you call, please have your pharmacy information available, including phone number and address. Alternatively, you may call the pharmacy and have them send the request to us electronically.

Mail Order Prescription Refills

For patients with mail order prescription plans, your provider will hand you a written prescription at the time of your office visit for you to mail in. Alternatively, most mail order prescriptions can be sent directly to the pharmacy during your office visit. If your provider determines that you need to start a medication immediately, they can send it electronically or give you a written prescription for a local pharmacy.

New Prescriptions via Phone

There may be times when your provider prescribes a new medication for you over the phone. Any medication needed immediately will be electronically sent or called in to a local pharmacy. Long-term prescriptions or any prescriptions that are not needed immediately may be mailed to you or sent electronically.

What will my fee be?

$15 maybe charged

Avoiding Fees

* Patients with a current subscription to the Premier Patient Preferred Access portal are not charged for prescription refills and can request and track the status of refills online.

CoVID 19 AlertIGIMG is Committed to the Safety of our Patients

We ask that all our patients with respiratory symptoms who wish to be evaluated, call us first. We are attempting to dedicate certain hours during the day for these specific evaluations and thank you for your cooperation!

Before coming in for an appointment, please inform the office if you have traveled in the last 14 days or if you have been in close contact with someone who has traveled or been diagnosed with the corona virus.

We are open and available for any symptoms that require an in office evaluation. We are open 8am to 5pm  Monday – Friday.  Evening and Saturday hours have been temporarily suspended.

We encourage VIDEO VISITS for appropriate acute or chronic problems. You may schedule a videovisit via our Patient Portal and will be evaluated by an IGIMG Practitioner. Patients with Medicare Part B may now also schedule a video visit for acute and chronic problems.

We are also scheduling TELEPHONE CONSULTATIONS, given the large number of phone calls we are receiving.

For additional information on the Coronoavirus , please visit the CDC website.
More information can be found HERE in regards to best practices, myths, and how to cope.